Reply To: Should I be revisiting Future Pinball?


    Randr…I do it for others, but mostly for myself.  I love that I can make them into whatever I want and really push the limits of my cab.  Turn the lights down and watch the light show.  For me, I stay away from FP recreations for the most part because they don’t compare with VP.  But I own a 1964 Gottlieb, and I’ve never played a VP game that recreates it.  They all play too fast.  The older tables play slow because they have a much lower slope.  Those old solenoids can’t bang a ball up a ramp…lol.  So, I think it is fair to say that nothing gets it perfect, but they all give their own experiences.  I got turned off by FP years ago and swore I’d never go back, then I found BAM, Zed physics, and 2.6 and 2.7 physics.  That plus DOFLinx brought it back in my opinion.  Its kinda funny, I kinda adjust myself to FP physics and then when I go back to playing VP, I have to adjust back. When I go to my old Gottlieb, I have to adjust once again (especially to the manual ball kicker/plunger to load a ball).  And even in an arcade, tables (if you can find one) are in such bad shape, they don’t play like a new one.  You always have to make mental adjustments to play to the strengths of that particular table.  So, as you and Terry say, give it a try.  If it’s not your thing…no biggie…but don’t hate on it.  And don’t rip on us who like it and spend our time trying to share our fun with others.


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