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    This is my absolute favorite with respect to lighting! It’s absolutely stunning and soooo cool for the overall athmosphere! Great work here! :good:

    Anyways, what I didn’t like, was the coloring of the physical flashers via DOF. the plain red, yellow and so doesn’t fit to the subtile colors on the LE table, so I changed them to the colors used at the table (purple, light blue) and now it is absolutely consistent and fits perfectly! My code is this one:

    twd_156h,S15,S16,S13/S51,S1/S2/S14/S51,S9/S12/S56 60/S56 60 Invert/W9|W10|W11 @t@,S10/S52|S53 @dt@/W38 @t@/W48 @dt@,S11/W44|W45 @t@,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,S9 Dark_magenta/S13 Medium_aqua_marine/S28 Dark_magenta nobool/S31 White nobool/W41 Dark_magenta f200,S25 Medium_aqua_marine nobool/S27 Dark_magenta nobool/S32 White nobool,S11 Dark_magenta/S19 Dark_magenta nobool/S26 Dark_magenta nobool,S25 Medium_aqua_marine nobool/S27 Dark_magenta nobool/W12 Medium_aqua_marine f200/W36 White f200,S10 Dark_magenta/S14 Medium_aqua_marine/S20 Blue nobool/S29 Dark_magenta nobool/W13 Medium_aqua_marine f200/W37 White f200/W39 Dark_magenta f200

    To finalize the overall look I also made a ball with these colors (subtile) now it’s perfect!

    Edit: P.S. the undercab colors do already fit perfectly to the LE version to my opinion, so why not change the ones for flashers too? I’ll suggest it for an official version for the LE ROM :)



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