Reply To: DOFLinx Future Pinball WIP tables: Let us know what tables you are working on!


    So, I started working on Robots Invasion. As I started testing it some, I found out the 1.04 Ultra edition has a lot of errors. The rC1 version runs like a charm. The problem is that the Ultra has Slam’s improved music and lights. So, was wondering if anyone had a good working version of the Ultra. I downloaded the latest off of and that is the one I am referring to. I’ve already made a few fixes, but looks like if I am going to pursue it, I am going to have to physically merge the two scripts by hand. Essentially a full mod on top of the DofLinx mod. So, any help or info would be appreciated.

    The Ultra version of Robots Invasion works perfect for me, no errors. Make sure your FP settings are the same as what I have here, and try it again:

    How Future Pinball "should" be setup for BAM, DOFLinx and Pinball X!

    I know DDH69 was having problems with errors on some of SLAM’s tables….it was because he had the GameRoom enabled, which will cause issues on some tables because the table actually changes the Gameroom.  Try out my EXACT setting and see if that makes a difference.


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