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    It seems like something like this just doesn’t want to become freely available for ‘our community’ to make tables with.  I’ve pitched the idea of starting to develop on a current gen platform to fuzzel and toxie so many times now I’ve become a broken record and have given up.  I suggested that vpx in it’s current state is good enough to last us a few more years, which is why NOW would be a good time to start developing our next platform.  However every time I suggest the idea it gets shot down with answers like “oh we can achieve much of that still in DX9”, “Unreal would be boring (as a dev)”, “still lot’s can be done with VPX” etc etc.  Now I realise I sound like a bit of an ass contradicting what our beloved vp devs have said, but really all you have to do is look at the demo videos above (unity) or look at pinball labs (Unreal) demo videos and anyone with eyeballs can tell you VP looks dated and the current gen platforms look amazing in comparison.  The amount of performance VPX requires just for all the extra AA effects to make the table’s ‘jaggies’ look somewhat acceptable is just ridiculous….4xAA makes a huge performance hit and still doesn’t look as good as the video above which as the author stated was filmed at lower settings.  Just look at the flippers, the lighting and shadows around them is so smooth they look like a 3D render…..they look realistic.  When I see the potential in Unity, or Unreal I can’t help but feel like I’m just wasting my time with VPX as all it would take is one of these current gen platforms to become more widely available to table builders to render vpx obsolete.

    I feel like maybe the VP devs are scared of venturing forward and or perhaps they are just comfortable polishing VPX for the rest of our days, but in any case they are the only devs out there working for free so I can’t blame them for not wanting to take on such a daunting project.  At the end of the day I’m just frustrated at how ‘stuck’ with DX9 I feel with no prospects of DX11 or 12 any where on the horizon.  One upside is at least with normal maps being supported now the models I make will still be viable in future platforms.





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