Reply To: El Dorado City of Gold VPX Mod


    Yeah, Rom sounds working on mine without any changes. :unsure: New update coming shortly. 1.1 – Changed slope from 4 to 4.5 anything higher seems a bit to fast compared to the videos. Upped flipper strength from 850 to 1100 for little better feel. Adjusted wire guides in out lanes to a bit longer in size, and bumper strength up a bit. Also a cleaned up apron image from Drybonz!

    You might want to adjust lsling and rsling a bit, especially lsling overlaps leftslingshot so that it doesn’t always fire when it should.

    Also your bumper caps and cap base are much too big, bumpercapbase should be right around 3″ diameter.  Also look at the light pattern on this image ghost put up on vpforums. Kind of fun to play with that on real tables by raising and lowering the bulb socket in the bumper to get more or less “finger” effect.

    Here’s my vp version.. feel free to pull cap primitives and light from any of my recent tables if you wish.


    Thanks for the table! looks good. Anyone have the background sound working? I have all the regular chimes, and stuff, just not the background sound. F6 i have it selected, even deleted the .cfg and nvram file. Thanks

    Just did a quick game on my laptop at home before going to work and I’m not getting the background sounds there either, but my work computer does.  Didn’t have time to look at it to figure out why though, will check it out tonight.



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