Reply To: El Dorado City of Gold VPX Mod


    no sound for me either

    I was able to get mine going at home by starting the table, then press F1 and select Reset, click OK, then close the restart the table.

    For the life of me I cannot get that bumper to light up like that. Not sure if its the light settings or if I have the correct primitive cover. Can you send me the one you are using or what table is it on?

    I believe I changed some of the heights on the objects to what I normally use as well.  The ones off my Golden Arrow table should work. or the ones on Incredible Hulk, same ones.

    Feel free to grab the 3″ flipper primitives and images off either of those as well should look better than the images on the default.  I also have the correct primitive one for the little flipper on my Joker Poker table over on vpforums as well (need to update that table sometime).

    Like the 4.5 slope and 1100 flipper strength settings feels better.  Thanks!


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