Reply To: 2017 – New Build – The 'Ark Vim' project.

Phil Docker

    Well after having my table in my workshop the last two days – and being too busy to do anything in my 9-5 schedule, I bought it back home.

    Explained to the good lady wife about me working in the front room (which is my home workshop/pin room anyway) on a saturday night, she didnt seem to mind… well until I started getting my router out!

    So here is a photo how the cab looks tonight.


    Two fans drilled in the bottom (120mm) and a larger hole for the sub.  I have upgraded the speakers in my family guy so I will reuse the old sub from that.  The cab also has a 4 inch speaker either side.  They are positioned near the front of the cab.  I know these will stick out a bit but hey…

    Also rounded the front panel slightly so its like a real lock down bar.  I will have to seal the wood.

    I may get this cabinet sprayed at some point.  For now it will look a bodge until I have decided its a success.

    The back drawer will remain so it can open and close.  I will put the amp near that drawer and also some USB ports etc…

    Still – its early days so tomorrow morning will be down the local suppliers for some brackets and other wood for struts etc…  Plus I will drill the flipper buttons, start, exit and extra ball button.  Said previously I am not using a plunger as it will stick out!

    Long term there will be a 9pin D socket or a joypad so I can put mame games on.

    ANYHOW – more reports soon!



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