Reply To: El Dorado City of Gold VPX Mod


    So to continue the target alpha hijack, I got a little sidetracked yesterday from what I was supposed to be doing and stayed up late…


    Started with my blank template, copied most of the table objects over from 32assasins el dorado playfield setup, put in the bulk of the code and images from Jeff’s (loserman) vp9 table, renamed all the objects to match Jeff’s code, rescripted a bunch of stuff from vp9 to work in vpx (several things/methods no longer valid), rescripted stuff to work with my template setup (drain/trough) imported all the sounds from Jeff’s table, and now have a playable Target Alpha.

    Still to do:

    • rest of graphics obviously
    • rescript to my option menu setup
    • rescript to my hi-score setup
    • add metal guide walls and a few other minor objects to playfield
    • physics, physics, physics
    • more stuff I haven’t run across yet I’m sure




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