Reply To: New roms of Brazilian pinballs


    Yes, I also noticed the “Cowboy naming confusion” when looking up all LTD games in :)
    And yes, both Alien Warrior as well as Time Machine are confirmed to run on System 4 hardware (4 player games require S4).

    Here’s the list of bad dumps inside the zip file:

    • blackhol2.bin
    • hustler.bin
    • lluck1_s2.bin
    • vegas_s2.bin
    • alcapo1_h.bin (probably no new dump needed)
    • tm2pl/tm_l.bin

    Not sure yet about the ROMs for Martian Queen, Space Poker, Alien Warrior, and Time Machine (4 players);
    I have all games pretty much working by now except for those four! B-)
    Interesting fact: Arizona works on one ROM with 1K only. That’s pretty much the smallest game we have, along with the Flicker prototype!

    Here’s the list of all games we have in now, sorted by system, number of players, and score digits:

    • Arizona S3-2p-5d
    • Atlantis S3-2p-5d
    • Disco Dancing S3-2p-5d
    • Hustler S3-2p-5d
    • King Kong S3-2p-5d
    • Martian Queen S3-2p-5d
    • Viking King S3-2p-5d
    • Force S3-2p-5d
    • Space Poker S3-2p-6d
    • Black Hole S3-2p-6d
    • Zephy S3-3p-6d
    • Cowboy Eight Ball S3-3p-6d
    • Cowboy Eight Ball 2 S4-4p-6d
    • Haunted Hotel S4-4p-6d
    • Mr. & Mrs. Pec-Men S4-4p-6d
    • Al Capone S4-4p-7d
    • Alien Warrior S4-4p-7d
    • Columbia S4-4p-7d
    • Time Machine S4-4p-7d
    • Trick Shooter S4-4p-7d

    And yes, please exegeta, whatever files you have for LTD, binary form or whatever, send it in!
    We can handle all sort of stuff; I recently recovered the binary code for Bally’s “Boomerang” by OCRing it from the U.S. patent! ;)



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