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    @unclewilly, @dark (cuz I know you were interested in a silence the critics fix) I did a little playing with this table today. Here’s a link: I didn’t have 1.3.1 so I’ll try to capture the changes I made. Please note, there are physics changes that are to my personal preference in this file.

    • Fixed “Silence the Critics”.
      • Added triggers “sw51” and “sw51a” and hit subs. These are needed to activate the wand mag (adds a nice DOF effect too).
      • Update right flipper sub to remove ramp19 collidable switching and moved instead to SolMag sub.
      • Added flipper EOS switches to keydown and keyup subs according to manual. Not sure they are necessary for dropping the ball, but I have not tested without these switches.
      • Repositioned the CriticDiv wall to prevent occasional stuck ball.
    • I was having issues with multiple balls entering the shooter lane so I changed the trough to use kickers (NFozzy’s design). Seems a little more reliable, but still occasionally get an extra ball in the shooter lane.
      • Redesigned under apron walls, removed switches, walls, and helper kicker, added kickers to hold balls in place in trough.
      • Removed related code and updated with new code.
      • Removed trigger1 from shooter lane and extended sw33.
    • Added a knocker sound attached to Solenoid 8
    • Added wall StageDiverter3 to prevent ball from entering the stage when float the ball is activated.
      • Added code to drop on startup and switch state opposite of StageDiverter1.
    • Repositioned sw52 and wall67 and added wall57 to fix the ball from flying off ramp12 and getting stuck behind the top hat.
    • Primitive75 was too low and ball was catching. Raised “Z” to 159.

    Thanks for this.  I’ll have an upload soon.  I have to incorporate your changes into a new version i have from clarkkent,  with updated playfield image,  more physics tweaks and a possible fix for the critics.

    Will have it uploaded as soon as possible.

    Laying out cftbl also for dark so I’m trying to balance my time


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