Reply To: The Addams Family (Bally 1992)


    On the version I’m using the upper right flipper and lower flippers all have the same settings.  So feel free to change the settings it’s not going to harm anything as far as I could see.

    One thing that is interesting is that the manual shows that the lower flippers, upper right and upper left all have different coils (red,orange and yellow).  I’m not sure if the ROM is some how accounting for the different power on the coils or not.   I am not using any of the code ideas to bypass VPM for flipper control (mainly because of the ROM controlled flipping that happens)  so I suppose it’s possible it could be a VPM thing but I wouldn’t know how to check something like that.  But as far as VP code all the flippers are activated the same. push button>solCallback>rotateflipper to end.

    You could try making the primitive flippers not visible and making the default flippers visible to see if it’s something with those and the timer that keeps those in sync.



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