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    To answer some questions above, I have a Geforce 560TI video card and future pinball tables seem to work fine.  I couldn’t get BAM working on future pinball due to the tables loading as if they were zoomed in on just one spot like 500% or so and I tried several forums and nobody responded, so that’s why I’m looking in to Visual Pinball instead.

    My main problems at this point are that no matter how I set the keys, they don’t change and only respond to their default settings.  For instance, I changed the coin key from “5” to “c” but “c” doesn’t work and “5” still does.  However, no matter what, I can’t get some tables to start.  Either by pressing “S” which is what I set it to, or “1” which is the default.  Other functions such as flippers, plunger, tilt, etc, work, but I just can’t get the game to start.

    On Twilight Zone and Lethal Weapon 3 I get an error when loading the game that says, “object reference not set to instance of object” and at the top of that window it references the backscreen loader.  I only have one monitor and am using a desktop monitor right now for testing, but placed the bsloader files in both the visualpinball directory and the tables directory, not knowing exactly where they should go.

    I can get Twilight Zone to load, but only with the original keys, not what I set them to.  See above.  However, the flippers don’t respond instantly.  There is a half second delay or so, so it’s unplayable.  I downloaded a few other tables to test and with two different VP9 tables, one works fine (sale of the century) and one doesn’t and acts like Twilight Zone.  See above post for more info.

    I hope this is enough info to help you help me. :)  I really want to get into this new hobby and get going.  I’ve always loved pinball and this is the first time I’ve been able to afford my own “machine.” :)

    Thanks a bunch,



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