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    Just for extra data, I use Zeb’s plunger and use the settings which might even be default Xmax 100 XGain 150% YMax 100 y gain 150% Deadzone = 5% Checked mark in box = Enable Analog Nudge which i know for Zebs is important Tilt sensitivity = 800 but i can never make mine tilt For attack from mars (Groni’s version) I can easily shake the ship, also when i cradle a ball on the flipper can make it move with nudge. However hitting my other flipper when cradling will not move the ball. My nudge module is on the bottom of my cab about 12″ from the very front.

    Sorry I should of highlighted what I was trying to point out as well = Enable Analog Nudge

    But hey thanks to you :good:


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