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    What’s the advantage to using invisible walls instead of just setting the primitive to collidable in this case? In can’t be performance as that just seems to negligible in this situation. If I set the primitives to collidable and not the walls and up the elasticity just a tad it plays good.

    @Daryl while you are here, you have a Buccaneer right? Does that have a 41″ or 42″ playfield? All the tables say that Gottlieb ems have 41″ playfields, but the 2 I have owned both have 42″. Admittedly they are both late em tables (Vulcan and Golden Arrow both from ’77), but I’m curious when exactly they switched, or if it was inconsistent. I sized Card Whiz to a 42″ playfield dimensions, but if anyone has one or a royal flush, and can measure I’d be glad to change it if 41″ is correct.

    Borg it measures out at 42″

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