Reply To: 'Poor Man's DOF' – Has evolved to become AWESOME!


    More drunken experimentation with PMD….

    “PMD LEDs” :)

    Today I added two LED arrays behind my playfield. Each is made of 5 rows of 5 LEDs… Green-Red-Green-Red-Green

    The red and green are wired independently and will each receive power via their own relay, that is triggered by the PMD amps.  Because the amps volume/bass levels are set different, the lights should fire at slightly different times (and often at the same time).

    I’m still waiting for the relay to arrive, this is today’s first test (glass off) where I triggered the lights manually.

    The plan is to add a clear perspex back wall, with tint over the LED areas to make them somewhat invisible until lit. Plus the tint will help tone down the brightness a touch (which is needed).


    Sure it’s not going to be as good as traditional DOF LEDs, but hey, it was only 10 bucks and I enjoy the tinkering. ;)

    I’ll post another video link when the relay board arrives and it’s running along with the table.


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