Reply To: DMD behind playfield & under glass


    I have a 20 inch iMac panel sitting here, so I’ll order a driver board for it I think.  It will be a much nicer screen.  Turning it sideways I have the full depth of the cab to hide the rest in.  I could almost squeeze in a 24inch, but even if I could there would be no airflow underneath, as it would all be forced to the sides.  I think this might create a hot spot area in the cab and I would like to avoid that.

    Another option would be to run the 20 in normal orientation. A front panel with a hole could then create a normal DMD size, while the LEDs could be changed to regular pinball domes that sit in front on the face of the panel.   Yeah… I actually see this happening, as I have a second cab down the road that I can move this setup to. :)


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