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    I’ve got the 420x, I chose it because it’s extremely minimal. The wireless unit is just a USB stick that plugs into your Xbox One, no extra wires or anything. The 500X has the digital transmitter which has wires and I believe needs a secondary power source unless it can run off the USB from your Xbox… It is DTS though but I love the sound on the 420X. I paid 150 for it when it came out and it’s well worth it. The microphone is removable as well. The benefits of the 500x are the DTS and obviously that it can be used on other devices. You can use the 420x on anything but you need a wire, it’s only wireless on Xbox One. I’ve got my old wired Xbox 360 Turtle Beach X12 headset that I use on other devices but I don’t really use anything but the Xbox One anymore.

    I have the last Tomb Raider on PC but thank you!

    Punch it!

    Punch it!


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