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    James … don’t bother… this shit don’t work .. lol! No, now seriously…. I’m having the SAME exact problem as you. Weird that now there is 3 peoples with the same problem. LEdwiz is all “good” because is automatic. But the globalwhatever.xml file isn’t been read not matter where I put it. config folder, table folder, directoutput folder. Etc. It shows in DOF frontend via B2S that it isn’t loading the global, table or cabinet.xml

    you can follow my painful adventure here:

    PS: You can test your strips by loading the BASIC TEST from OCto folder. It’s configured to write to 120 leds, so you need to change that number to the amount of leds you have, for example 3 strips of 144 = 432

    We need help my friend. Badly :wacko:


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