Reply To: Metallica WIP

Phil Docker

    Other websites have the rule about ‘a table being out of production’, and another VP site waits for (I think) 4 years.
    It is purely a rule for those two sites, it is not ‘law’.
    Some people say an ‘agreement exists between VP and Gary Stern’. Others like me thinks it is a load of bulls-hit.
    This game is going to be good – the authors’ tables always are quality. But no matter how good it is, it will never make a difference to Sterns’ game sales. It’s not as if we are making ‘replica’/copy pinball tables and shaving $1500 off the price.
    I personally know people in the Pinball world who will play VP before they purchase the real game. So this version could make quite a few people part with hard earned cash for the real thing.


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