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    I’ve never seen it. Look here’s how I see it – these tables are being made, they’ve been made, they’ll continue to be made. It should make no difference whether that’s public or private sharing of them. It certainly doesn’t matter in other industries. You can go defend yourself to the RIAA or MPAA, and tell them that you only shared the album or movie with “friends” and see if they care.

    This hobby is entirely different, we can argue it over and over but the fact is, VP, FP, TPA, they’re helping with the sale of pinball machines. I see more tables on route, they’re making more money, people are more aware about them. I’m excited to see what TPA has in store for modern Stern table releases, and I’m always excited to see and play the new Stern games on location. I’m not familiar with these “handshake” deals I hear about elsewhere, if it’s not going to be a public statement then I don’t see why we should care. If anyone comes to me from the industry and says, “hey, we’d really appreciate it if you stopped hosting these games” or “wait before they’re out of production” then absolutely, that’s not a battle I’m going to engage and I fully respect their request.

    That has not been the case, I’m not here to hurt pinball. I want to promote it. I do that by creating tables I enjoy, or in some cases, tables I may never play. Star Trek and Metallica have taken so many of my quarters locally it’s ridiculous. I spend a lot of time on these tables and I put a lot of money into pinball in my city. VP is merely supplemental.

    If I hear anyone say they decided not to buy a machine because the “VP version is good enough” I’ll call their bullshit. I’ve never seen it work that way. It just doesn’t happen.

    That’s my take on the web of confusion that has been created regarding “rules”

    Punch it!

    Punch it!


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