Reply To: Metallica Pro (Stern 2013)


    Wolfgang and Firestorm, I’m also fighting the same issue with both Star Trek and Metallica. Spent about three hours today at it before I got frustrated enough to set it aside for a while. Have tried new VPX, different betas, have proper SAM, VPinmame latest, etc. Tried different ROMs, zipped my own from Stern site code, deleted nvram, all the usual tricks with no success. Not new to this, cabinet is a couple years old and loaded with 1000+ tables, so fairly literate at all of this. Have several other VP10 tables working well with newest VPX, so know the VPX is working. One thing we have in common is that we all use XP, hmmm…. I’ll be trying again tomorrow, sooner or later I’ll find the issue as always….really itching to play these two! Randy


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