Reply To: Metallica Pro (Stern 2013)


    Boys, not work, error line 43 with controller.
    I have latest version vpx
    i not use bs2 server, only vpinmame controller
    What is the problem?
    Sorry for my english, i am italian…..!!


    You can try this:
    1. Update to latest VPX (download again because they update the file because of a bug)
    2. Run VPX as admin?
    3. try this:

    Thx for the table :good:

    But my DOF wont work om this table??

    Works on all other tables.

    What am i doing wrong?

    Go into VP/user/controller/forcedisableB2S= (change to whatever the other number would be 1 or 0)

    Good luck! :good:


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