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    Whats up everybody? This is my first post and my first build. I recently purchased a virtuapin mini kit and can’t wait to get this project going! Ive built multiple arcade cabs in the past from modding Vewlix cabs, putting together Neo Geo MVS systems ,  a couple 60 in 1s, along with a few raspberry pi cabs. I love a challenge…but when it comes to building computers I feel COMPLETELY LOST! Ive been searching the forums, YouTube, and reddit for the past few days nonstop and am probably more confused than when I originally started haha. Im sure these questions have been answered a million times on here but if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated! So lets get to a couple questions:


    – Ive read that going 4K might not be the best option for a 27 inch playfield, and that going with something 1440p / 144hz might be better for a table this size. Thoughts?


    – Most posts Ive read are a lot of people looking for the “minimum” PC requirements to get their table up and running. Im not looking for the minimum but am looking for something that will run flawlessly and won’t have to be upgraded relatively soon. what would be a good GPU to have for a 27in playfield? I plan on having 2 monitors and a DMD hooked up to this build.


    I know once I get all the pieces for my PC and learning to actually put the PC together won’t be so difficult. I feel figuring out what parts I actually need for for the PC has been my biggest challenge so far. So any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Thanks you guys


    A good GPU would be something released late last year/early this year, like an RTX 20×0 or whatever AMD has come out with. My desktop has a RTX2060 (it was built as a 3D Rendering rig with a side of Gaming, so that put me into the nVidia pipeline), the pincab (currently) has a GTX1050ti that I plan on upgrading when we move from 1080 to 4K for the playfield.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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