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    For the “washed Playfield”, i changed Material on Playfield to “None”,
    i don’t know if this is the correct Way to do that, but then it is clean and good Colors.

    Here are my FS POV Settings and Physic Settings, try it, but of Course, shouldn’t be the Best,
    whatever someone have personal Taste.
    But i Looking on some Youtube Videos, otherwise you can’s stop the first “downrolling Ball”.
    I also changed Flipper End Angles to 65/-65

    Thanks again 32assassin, all is working now :good:  … esp. i did some changes, everyone can try.

     Scotty VH 

    The change of material on the playfield changed the washed out look for me.  Thanks STAT.  For anyone that needs help locating where to do this, it is in the Options for the Table.  Some screenshots are included.

    UPDATE:  I actually recommend changing the material on the Playfield not to “None” because this makes things that are supposed to be white pinkish, and everything else have a pinkish hue.  I used Material = “Plastic White”, and I think it looks pretty good (the whites are bright white).



    thanks for the playfield fix guys!!!


    Thanks for new Update.  :good:


    Thank you STAT for your settings. I use your vpp only.

    Without your vpp the table works perfect and this your vpp.

    I got a script error if I shot the middle ramp over the house.

    Line 1 :

    Das Objekt unterstützt die Eigenschaft oder Methode nicht:

    The object does not support the property or method:



    PLease help


    Great table. I am playing this one a lot. My question isn’t with the technical aspect but rather gameplay. I can get to Save the President, but I don’t know how to trigger the mode.  Ideas?


    Actually there is one technical thing I’ve just noticed.  Sometimes the left ramp doesn’t register a hit and I noticed that when this happens the little swinging gate on the ramp isn’t moving.


    this should not matter, but I lowered the physical (hidden) gate from 60 to 50.

    only reason for the trigger to miss is if the ball is traveling too fast.

    if this is still happening I will replace the gate with a trigger.



    see a table you like help me find the resources so that I can finish it

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    :yahoo: THX !!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:


    great pinball also a good tv show,  :good:   thank you for making this.

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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