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    I would like to put some thoughts to print that I think may be good to share with the Virtual Pinball community, especially those who currently only use VP (visual pinball) because FP (future pinball) turned them off at one point or the other.  If that is you, I am one of you.  When I first discovered virtual forms of pinball, I was not very satisfied with what was offered on tablet platforms and then after pursuing MAME I discovered FP, VP, and pinball FX2.  VP had tons of tables that I had actually played or seen and FP was full of unique original games.  Because I’m a movie buff, FP’s list of original tables based on movies (JAWS being the premier example) drew me to this platform first.  I couldn’t stand FP at the time.  The ball seemed to hover and bounce around so unrealistically that it turned my stomach.  So, I bid farewell to FP and undertook the then daunting task of setting up VP (remember how horrible that was in the old days, guys?).  Well, I spent the next few years being a VP only guy and laughing at the FP people who thought their games could even compare to VP.  But then, along came FX2.  Okay, so I bought a cab (is it ok to say that out loud?) because I desperately wanted one and my hardware (wood and computer based) skills are crap.  My cab came preloaded with FX2.  And man, I just cannot get into those games.  They don’t play like real pinball to me and I really don’t like the physics either.  Every game is just a “ramp-fest”.  At this point I had loaded my cab with all the VP, VPX, and VPX beta games that I wanted (yes, I did the loading) and was looking for maybe the next big thing.  Then I saw a thread talking about BAM.  At first, I was like, no, I don’t want to venture back into FP and I definitely don’t want to try to learn and install yet another platform.  But then I found a nice and easy tutorial and so I backed up my drive and gave it a go.  Wow, I hadn’t realized how FP had progressed and that now with BAM you could play each game with their accustomed physics or even choose which physics you wanted to pair with a game.  So, FP and I made up.  I think initially I found FP as something lesser than VP but better than FX2.  Then came DOFLinx.  Now I could have the same lights and pops that I was getting with VP with FP.  And the best part, DOFLinx was so EASY to use and set up.  So easy, that it allowed me to actually be able to mod tables and finally contribute to the community (and this kid is no computer genius).  So, here I am now asking all you die hard VP’ers to give FP another try, especially if you have a cab.  There are some great tutorials (see TerryRed) out there to help get FP, BAM, and DOFLinx set up.  I recommend a totally fresh install.  Then, realize that FP is NOT VP.  They both have their respective strengths.  But both have something equally awesome to offer.  It may take a little playing around with which physics xml you pair with each table (I tend to pair my tables with xml files that slow things down just a hair) before you become a convert, but there is some real fun to be had out there with FP.  I’m still not sold on FX2 (my kids like it) but DOFLinx is helping a little with that.  Anyhow, that is my two cents and because this is a pretty open and accepting forum, I feel I can say so without someone losing their stuff about it.


    I can echo alot of what you are saying.

    I was the opposite in a way. I used VP and FP way back in 2008 on my desktop PC, and thought VP was cool for arcade stuff, but the graphics and (original arcade) sound were very dated.   FP blew me away, but didn’t have “good” tables for the most part. The arcade tables were more fun to me.  Didn’t really touch either much since then.

    Fast forward to 2015….wow had things changed!  Future Pinball with BAM had made huge progress with BAM’s fantastic per pixel rendering and 3d stereoscopic and head tracking modes, as well as the ability to have customized physics, lighting and cabinet layouts per table.  When setup right, this really is stunning.

    FP table’s…. the modded arcade tables with MUCH better graphics, video clips and modded sound, just blew me away.  The originals I stumbled upon were almost like they were made specifically to my likes….  no other system had anything like these.

    I then made my cabinet….and the rest is history.

    Eventually I finally installed VP, and DOF. I LOVE THIS!

    VPX is great! I love it. the support it has great, and the tables are great. The arcade recreations are superb and are looking really good with VPX…just wish it was easier to get modded rom support more easily. I’m also starting to try some of the great originals as well. JP’s a legend!

    Ironically, I actually have a harder time playing alot of VP tables than I do FP tables. I don’t know why…I’m weird.

    PFX2…I do love it. Its very creative, and has some beautiful art and graphics. The sound is “good”, but it seems to just drag on…  It’s missing the obnoxious flash and pow of an arcade pinball game which I love.  Kind of a ramp-fest, like you say Dr Tom. That said, they have some really great tables. Love the themes!

    I the end…we now how full cabinet feedback on VP, FP, and PFX2, thanks to DOF, and DOFLinx. It really is a game changer.


    In the end sadly…the only response you will get from a lot of people is “FP flipper physics suck… I’ll never go back.”

    This can be the case with alot of tables…but many tables that are fine tuned and setup correctly, play great.

    Does FP physics have to be “better” than VP? No…. it is “different”, and that’s ok for a casual player like myself. If you simply don’t like it after giving it an “honest” chance…. then no harm done…..   I have no problem with anyone’s opinions of FP…. just please don’t go “bashing” FP in Future Pinball threads.


    No one is trying to “convert” anyone to FP….    I just think alot of people are missing out on some great unique experiences….that’s all. We just want everyone to have some fun.


    I know I’m kinda necromancer-ing this thread, but I don’t think anyone here will mind given the subject.

    I have a love-hate relationship with Future Pinball. There have been many unique and fun original tables designed throughout Future Pinball’s history. I played a lot of Future Pinball before Visual Pinball 10 spoiled me with its physics, and I left Future Pinball alone until recently. Even with Future Pinball’s physics mods and optimal flipper angles, the flipper physics felt lacking. Recently, I’ve noticed that playing pinball is often a matter of mental adjustment. I have to aim my shots differently even among different Visual Pinball 10 tables. I still have preferences, and some tables or physics may be more fun than others to me, but I support the premise that Future Pinball has come a long way, and as a player if you can make some extra mental adjustments, there’s a lot of well-designed and fun tables for Future Pinball.


    Future pinball originals are the best. well said @freelunch Future pinball is what it is that’s for sure. I’m not seriously playing pinball when i play future pinball tables its just fun! amazzine builds in FP but yes the physics are not great

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