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    Color rom solved. 3.2 was installed. I installed 3.3 a few times. First time was an earlier build in the thread causing length or crc issues. Installed latest build, later in thread. Eventually, it worked! Even with flipy, which wasnt happening either in previous tests. Huge upgrade! Thanks for everyones help on this.


    This is what I use for Patching Stern sam color rom

    It is showing the dead dots prior to crashing and killing itself. <— Not sure what this is

    I just patch mt_145hc and worked fine



    I put a car audio amp with a 2.1 setup. But I never got the subwoofer working until last night, huge improvement.

    Is there another repository for color rom patches other than vpuniverse? Was surprised to see Tron not on that list. Color roms were another huge improvement.


    Im getting stuttering audio in Avengers with or without the color patch. FPS seems to be fine, just garbled audio or repeating audio. Frames on the dmd appear ok.

    On Mustang and Avengers, during a multiball, the balls are loaded into the shooter lane and dont auto fire.

    On Avengers in particular, the ball seems to move around in the shooter lane causing the ball not to launch sometimes.

    Are these table issues? Easy to fix or more like the release wasnt finished?


    Is there another repository for color rom patches other than vpuniverse? —  No
    In case you don’t know it, It takes hundreds of hours to make these color roms and/or games

    Color Patches and Palettes

    “Why do some colored roms require a patch and others just use the .vni & .pal files?”


    I probably have something wrong with pin-up popper or player. When I disabled pin-up in dmddevice.ini, my rom/audio stuttering stopped. It’s a setting that was on most of the time since I refreshed my cabinet and video settings even on low were struggling with rom audio.

    Pin-up popper still works fine for launching tables. I never fully utilized pup packs yet. And perhaps you’re not supposed to have pin-up enabled on regular dmd tables? I see some people with particular games at the bottom of the ini file enabling it in forums for specific tables.

    Is there any way to do a top or get stats on the whole “system”? Find out what part of it might be causing an issue? Or maybe stats or percentages on how taxing the video settings are in visual pinball x?

    Is there a log rotate, type feature that can detect changes to all the config files and archive? That way you can revert back if something diminishes performance?


    I had a pretty incredible increase in ball speed and less rom audio garble. Here’s what I did, although not all seemed to make a difference. My test table was AC/DC 1.4 with acd_170hc (color rom)

    • pinaffinity – seemed like it helped
    • DSR 4x no smoothing
    • disabled backglass – no difference
    • Screen space off – no difference
    • FPS limiter 1 (was always set.)
    • Windows Defender off

    I was continuing to get audio garble. I changed out the rom to acd_170h and these issues all went away.

    I noticed under resource monitor that some of my cpu cores were getting overloaded, overworked. I didn’t know why this was a bottleneck on an i7 920. I was worried that newer cpu’s might have some better way of handling this data, like when I got a gopro 7 and the h.265 wouldn’t work on my high-end pc from 3-4 years ago. Because the cpu handles this encoding based on improvements to the cpu.

    But then I modified my Nvidia control panel to this, my video card is a nvidia 1080.

    • image sharpening: sharpening off, scaling disabled
    • ambient occlusion: performance
    • Anisotropic filtering: application controlled
    • Antialiasing- FXAA: On
    • Antialiasing – Gamma Correction: on
    • Antialiasing – Mode: Application controlled
    • Antialiasing – settings: application controlled (this is greyed out)
    • Antialiasing – Transparency: 8x (supersample)
    • cuda – gpus: all
    • dsr – factors: 4.00x (native resolution)
    • DSR – Smoothness: 0%
    • low latency mode: ultra
    • max frame rate: off
    • multi-frame sampled aa (mfaa) on
    • opengl rendering gpu: auto-select
    • power management mode: optimal
    • shader cache: on
    • texture filtering – anisotropic sample opti… on
    • texture filtering – negative lod bias: allow
    • texture filtering quality: Quality
    • texture filtering – trilinear optimization: on
    • threaded optimization: auto
    • triple buffering: on
    • vertical sync: use the 3d application settings
    • Virtual reality pre-rendered frames: 1


    • flipvertically = true
    • colorize = true
    • virtualdmd = true
    • stayontop = true
    • hidegrip =true
    • useregistry =true
    • pindmd*=false
    • pinup=false

    Visual pinball video settings:

    • Use always FS backdrop settings
    • Anti-Aliasing – Post-processed Anti-Aliasing: Quality FXAA
    • Brute-force 4x SAA
    • Stretch ball with table
    • Ball Rendering – Reflect ball on playfield, Ball Trails/Motion Blur
    • Ambient Occlusion – Enable,  Update in-game (quality)
    • Screenspace reflections
    • Reflect Dynamic Elements on Playfield (quality)
    • Force Anisotropic texture filtering (quality)
    • Fullscreen – Disable desktop composition, Force exclusive fullscreen mode, Force 10bit-monitor support
    • Max texture dimension (for low end gfx boards) – Unlimited
    • Elements Detail Level – Max to the right.

    With these settings, while some of them are not maxed out. The ball rendering and FPS on the ball itself is insane. I can now see the ball perfectly as it flies around. Even so much so I turned on ball trails which helped too. It almost feels now significantly better than it ever has. Focus on video card settings to achieve better ball.

    To be clear:

    • graphics on playfield looked great prior to this
    • lighting effects all seemed pretty good
    • Ball stuttering was occurring
    • Nvidia control panel settings seemed to make the game fly. I’ve modified them a few times but never got these results.
    • I think there was too much offloading to the cpu and not the gpu handling the ball graphics.
    • There can still be a slight ball stutter when all the flashers and lights go off, but its much less noticeable now.
    • FPS when troubleshooting this issue was always close to 60FPS, but there was ball stutter.

    Hope this helps out someone or future self.




    I installed SSF after getting my contactors to work properly. Seems to add a lot of depth to interior pinball and mechanical noises.

    I did the pre-mix script and the post-mix script in PEACE/EQ. It sounds like I have it setup, but that’s all I did in PEACE so I’m not sure if I configured it right. Overall sounds good, Need to balance volume in rear/front.

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