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    I believe the aim of this community and virtual pinball in general is to make the best and most realistic recreations possible. Plus we cant forget the amazing originals being made, just add incredible dimension to the hobby.

    if you can help, then help but if you can’t you will have to wait until someone assesses and implements recommendations.

    Saying that I would prefer to see 2 or more amazing table Authors work together to make the best table possible rather than create 2 or more of the same table, but it may not be possible.

    Thanks to everyone who has helped in building the community and making this hobby great. Respect to all and no offence meant to anyone.


    I for one am not familiar and don’t get the chance nowadays to play the real tables so I wouldn’t know how they play


    Sorry for hijacking the Aerosmith thread which I hope gets built. I love Aerosmith, it would be awesome!

    As per your suggestions on GNR. As a previous table author this is good feedback on exactly what would make a table better.

    I would suggest you post this exact list in the latest GNR table release and the authors there could consider if they want to adjust the table. I don’t see any issue with any of the requests except updating the images to 4K. In my opinion 4K is nice but not necessary and would require too much work to redo all graphics, so that WON’T happen. I know all table authors take pride in making the best emulation they can so there is hope your punch list could be done someday to make the table more accurate (which I feel is great already).

    It looks like Jamal made some adjustments as a mod but needed help with the heavy lifting. Posting this list would give the authors something to consider for a future update.

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    Don’t know if Aerosmith is still being worked on, but here are some apron cards in case they are needed. 600 dpi versions attached in the zip:


    Aerosmith (Stern 2016)colorsmAerosmith (Stern 2016)sccolorsm


    Aerosmith (Stern 2016)smAerosmith (Stern 2016)scsm



    Edit: slight correction. Please re-download attachment.

    Edit: higher res sources


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    In the post above this one, I replaced Aerosmith_cards with ones based on higher res sources. Please re-download.


    Hi there, do we finally have a chance for this aerosmith stern table?

    I would love this! :yahoo:

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