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    if my launch script is : start /min “” “dmdext.exe” mirror –source=pinballfx3 –fx3-legacy -q -d virtual –virtual-hide-grip –virtual-position=3878 1524 1280 –pinup PINUP\[GAMENAME]

    the pup pack is working but the teensy’s not

    if my launch script is start /min “” “dmdext.exe” mirror –source=pinballfx3 –fx3-legacy -q -d virtual –virtual-hide-grip –virtual-position=3878 1524 1280 -o PinUP\[GAMENAME]

    teensy’s working but not the pup pack

    any help ??



    EDIT : i had  ‘auto’ instead of ‘virtual’, now everything’s working:

    start /min “” “dmdext.exe” mirror –source=pinballfx3 –fx3-legacy -q -d auto –virtual-hide-grip –virtual-position=3878 1524 1280 –pinup PINUP\[GAMENAME]

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    Solved !! :yahoo:

    What a stupid that I was, … :wacko:
    Damn to the day that I choose the DMD language in Italian.
    I spent more than three hours observing and changing the Aliens Pup Pack.
    Watching the Terry Red’s video tutorial about “how to create Pup Pack” … I realized why only almost 30% of the video pop up. :yahoo:

    Another thing, I’ve tried to create a very basic Aliens VS Predator Pup Pack, it’s so hard to assembling all the stuff, videos, topper, overlay.
    I’ve understand the very basic of Pup Capture Auto but somethings was wrong because my DMD capture was different than the x.bmp in Aliens and DMD caps named xxxxxx.bmp.

    Waiting for the next Terry Red’s tutorial that explain how to use auto Pup Capture DMD in P. FX3 and set correctly the Trigger and the name of the Pup Caps refering to the video that also allows (maybe) to play the right videos in the backglass and in the topper.

    Thanks again for sharing your hard work for Aliens, etc …


    Master TerryRed, finally I have won with all the installations and all the files organizations for the Aliens Pup Pack loading.
    My PFX3 favorite table now with the Pup-Packs is awsome, recently I’ve jumped in the 4K era.
    Thanks for sharing this piece of art with us.  B-)
    I’m sorry  if I bother you but I need a little help for how to see attract mode video before launching the first ball and how to see the topper in the APc mode.  Also the music can’t play until the start mode isn’t activeted.

    In attachments my Pup pack editor with the Aliens Pup Pack loaded.
    Greetings from Italy :bye:

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