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    I’m trying to decide how I want to install the LED strips down the sides of my cabinet. There’s not enough clearance between the sides and my playfield for me to just stick the strips directly to the sides. I could:

    1. disassemble and route channels to recess the LED strips
    2. stick them face up on the edge of the playfield

    Option 1 is doable, but a lot of work. Option 2… I don’t know, I worry that won’t look finished and for some reason the LEDs facing up never looks quite right to me.

    So here’s option 3. Has anyone tried using something like these aluminum LED channels?


    I’m thinking I could just stick them on the edges of the playfield monitor with tape. When I raise or remove the playfield, they’d just stay attached to the playfield’s face.

    They position the LED strip in the corner facing out at a 45 degree angle. And the cover is lightly tinted. It might help refract the light from the LED strips.

    Anyone have experience with something like this? I’d love to see pictures of a finished installation before I make the purchase.

    If they look nice when installed, the $30 will be well worth saving the labor of a full disassembly. Plus I’ll have four more channels left over to build, IDK, two more pinball cabs? :whistle: :whistle: :wacko: :unsure:

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    If I was in your position I would put in the extra work and route the channels. It’s something that you will have to look at every time you play. I am fortunate enough to still be waiting on my flatpack to be delivered and have already thought about this. I doubt my 2¢ means much or if you really wanted it but there it is.

    Thanks for your build thread and the SSF thread. Both have helped me a lot already. My SSF is all set up on boxes with my monitors and PC waiting for a home.


    I’m glad those build threads were helpful. I assembled just about everything in my cabinet with pocket hole screws. My idea was to create my own sort of flat pack.

    Before assembling the cab, I had the side out and was about to set it up to route the channels for the LEDs I knew would eventually go there. But I decided against it. There were just too many unknowns for me at that stage. I hadn’t really been able to test my idea for mounting the playfield. I didn’t know exactly how my homemade lockdown bar was going to work. Etc. It seemed risky to take a router to the side panels with so much still to determine.

    At the time I told myself it’d be easy enough to disassemble it and route the channels later. Now I’m really reluctant to take everything apart! I worked so hard to get it to this point, I don’t like the idea of going backwards.

    Since I created this thread, I’ve seen some photos and videos in a virtual pin Facebook group from folks who used aluminum channel like this or the flat kind, that lays face up on the playfield monitor. I actually think they look really good.

    For me, they solve the problem of that approach looking unfinished. And the difusers (either a light smoke or a white frost) add a really nice touch to the LEDs.

    You can see their pics and videos here but you’ll have to join the group first.


    Looking forward to see what you end up with. I left Facebook about a year and a half ago, one of the better decisions I have made. I have been thinking of going back just for the pinball groups though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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