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    "Discover The Wealth Of Atlantis"

    ‘Atlantis’ is a Bally pin from 1989. One of the Bally 6803 game system, developed from Bally with extreme cost consciousness in mind. It was the last game distributed to Germany via Bally Wulff.

    Very special thanks to

    • Schreibi34: For the playfield mesh, playfield insert templates and TWO awesome sub models and for being always helpful. You're an awesome guy.
    • 32assassin: For original red bumper caps, sub model, flipper bats, desktop score display and for sure some more from his WIP build. And for being a very cool guy who is always helping and supporting with a WIP build or other resources.
    • OldSkoolGamer: For providing me all the wonderful artwork he designed for the VP9 build.  Thank you so much.
    • Cosmic80: For reworking nearly all the inserts of the playfield. Thx, bro!

    Special thanks to

    • OldSkoolGamer, ICPjuggla, Herweh (:-): For creating a very cool VP9 build from where I borrowed a few table elements
    • DCrosby: For one of the three sub models
    • Bord: For the ramp lift stuff and for being such a great guy who is always helping when help is needed
    • Rosve: For the drain plug from his 'Skyrocket' table
    • Batch: For the new backglass image of the desktop view
    • Vogliadicane: For the blue and transparent bumper caps from his 'Fathom' mods. They do match perfectly into the 'Atlantis' theme
    • Flupper: Once again for his plastic and wire ramp tutorial and for the flasher domes
    • Ninuzzu: For his flipper shadows
    • Dark: For the gates primitives template
    • Dark and nFozzy: For locknuts and screws
    • DJRobX, RothbauerW and maybe some other ones: For some code in my script like the SSF routines
    • Thalamus: For beta testing, some good hints and a missing sound ;-)
    • VPX development team: For always lifting VP to the next level
    • All I have forgotten. Please send me a PM if you think I should add you to the 'Thx' section here. My fault!

    Have fun with three included submarine models. Two of them were created by Schreibi34, the first one with 100% render result but a bit blurry from the side or the back, the second one with about 80% render result, crisp from all sides. The third model was provided by 32assassin and created by DCrosby.

    Check out the other script options at the top of the script. There are options for GI, flipper, bumper and wire ramp color modes, a more or less jumping ball, playfield shadow depth and more.

    Toggle thru the sub models and flipper color modes with the left and right MagnaSave buttons. Notice that this is just a preview. To switch permanently to a sub model or a specific color mode you have to do these changes in the script options.

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    Beautiful. Cant wait to get home from work. Thanks


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Never played this table and the build looks awesome. Thanks for this!</p>


    Looks like another great table from Herweh and co. again!


    Looks GREAT! will test this out later tonight Thanks to everyone involved in the build :good:

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    I know already this is a very nice release. I have a 5 bar flasher in the back and it is really fitting with the flashers in the back wall. Too hot yesterday to play so I’m happy to see this released. Will play it in a couple of hours when the temperature has come down some degrees.

    Thank you so much Harweh and the long list of guys that has contributed to the table before or in this VPX build. There is no doubt you’ve put some extra time into getting this just right and it is highly appreciated. I’m going to study a few elements and techniques of this table. That is something I’m very sure. of.  :good:

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    Thank you Herweh and team for this fantastic table!
    I haven’t seen the real deal, but your Mousin Around table is so good… This one must be spot on as well  :good:


    Very nice looking table with absolute entertaining gameplay (good physics).


    Thank you @herweh and thanks also to all the people involved in the making of this table !  :good:

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    Woo hoo!!   Damn… how do I get out of going to the beach today! ?  Thanks to everyone involved for this!


    The dude comes out of hiding…and keeps knocking out the gorgeous tables!

    I haven’t played this one before. It’s so nice to be able to say “oh, I never tried that one before…looks pretty!”


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    Man this table looks fantastic, such vibrant colors!!

    Thanks for another great table Herweh, as well thanks to the long list of contributors, to this great looking and I’m sure great playing table.

     Ben Logan2 



    Very well done!  Particularly like the saucer physics on this one.  Nailed it!

    Current Project: Perpetual updates of VPX physics.

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    Wow. This is awesome! Plays great! Thanks to Herweh and all who contributed.  :heart:


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    Thanks a lot for another great playing and looking table! Also to the guys involved!
    We keep an eye on your profile picture from now on :-)

    I am looking for T2 cabinet decals, please send pm for offers.


    Thank you Herweh and team for this fantastic table!
    I haven’t seen the real deal, but your Mousin Around table is so good… This one must be spot on as well  :good:

    Everyone has their own opinion on this but for me it feels like Bally really started knocking these out of the park in the late ’80s.


    Very nice sunday surprise! Thanks Herweh!


    Looks Awesome, Thank You @herweh your work and time is much appreciated. :good:


    Totally awesome! I won’t sleep that much this night that’s sure. Thank you for this colorful beauty Herweh!

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