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    Greetings earthlings, we have now taken over your vpin. This 4:3 Edition is a conversion from Attack from Mars...Attacks! PUP Pack by MisterKai ( You did a great job. In addition more events and alternate video-clips were added to the PuP-Pack.

    Special Thanks goes to MovieGuru.

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    Thank you STARTX for making this Pup Pack for 2 Screen Cab Users!
    The original Pup was cool but this is a whole new level! I can’t believe how cool the videos are on this one!
    That seen with the Statue Of Liberty on this one is way better than the original one!
    This is an awesome Pup on my cab and now my DMD finally has a proper place to fit onto the screen.
    I had to put it on top of the Aliens Eyes on the 16:9 one and it was wrong aspect ration too, now perfect!




    Thank you for making this, good job.

    I’ve noticed an issue (?) : with the “original” puppack, I have things appearing on the topper (different images that fits with the action), and they no longer appear when using your PUPPack files ?

    Is there something to do to fix that ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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