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    I don´t know if this is a pinup problem or a VLC problem so I can´t say if this question is put in the right section but i give it a shot.

    This issue I’m having is in both backglass and dmd screen. The “preview” video that screen from PinupSystem shows simply resize itself now and then, without me doing nothing.

    The screen size itself from Screen Settings don´t change. It is only the preview part of it.

    And not that it changes to like going over screen settings or something like that it is for example for backglass, if the backglass is in 4:3 PinupPopper OR VLC changes the preview to 16:9 instead of by itself, or the other way around. I don´t mind that it changes now and then to 16:9 cause it looks better ;) This is random each time i start up the pinup popper.  Same for the DMD screen,  ALL my DMD previews, videos + pictures are in the size 1280×320 (I tried to prevent the auto screen adjustment) by doing this, instead Popper or VLC change the preview DMD screen sometimes to 1280×120 instead, so like half of dmd is getting smushed.

    Is there someone that can tell me what to do here I would be very happy! This issue drives me crazy.
    But as i said, i don´t know if this is a matter of Pinball System, I have tried to turned off some “don´t auto size” stuff in VLC as well, but it hasn´t solved the problem.


    look at your videos exactly if all have the same resolution. Vlc Player has problems if the videos for a screen have different resolutions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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