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    Hey guys, thought I’d share my Avengers themed cabinet build.
    Just finished tweaking the amazing Pinup System, so now she’s up and running.

    Also posted a video of the build process with a detail summary if anyone’s interested. Intro is intended more for new people starting out, however also has extra pics and insight into my build process.

    Here’s a few pics (more in the video)>


    finished cab


    Hope this doesn’t scare anyone… Wiring the KL25Z. I made it more complicated due to all the feedback devices. I’m sure it can be done simpler.


    adding solenoids and relay


    tidied up wiring


    3D printed plunger bracket for the AEDR-8300 plunger sensor (this works amazingly well and auto calibrates on the fly)



    Nice build!

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
    for IOS and Android



    OK.  I’m starting over.  Really nice zimbakin!


    If you do, you can have one of my extra mosfet boards (less components).
    It has provision for x9 devices and can handle anything up to 20 Amps.


    <p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>Very clean build!! :good:</p>

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    KrakenByte (LEGACY)

    Hi zimbakin,

    Very nice build and amazing video!! They inspired me to follow your steps.

    Now I’m working on my own dream and also going via AEDR-8300 plunger sensor. But I’m in trouble with it.

    But this is the second time I tried to build this item.

    First I failed welding the AEDR-8300 because I used so much soldering paste and it broke. Now, in the second try, I inspect the solderings and they sem to be ok. But when I conect the 5.5V wire to the standalone KL25Z then it switchs off.

    Do you know what could be? Is ther any hiden soldering problem? Have you discovered any usefull technique to do it right?

    Help me, please, I’m frustrated with this one.

    Thank you!

    KrakenByte Kraken


    Hi Kraken, sorry to hear you’re having trouble. It’s definitely the hardest part of the project. However, also the best addition to the project and worth the effort. I also bought a few thinking I’d screw it up.

    I followed mjrnet’s guide here:

    The trick is to use a good quality solder paste (cheaper paste doesn’t work well as it has less flux). Also use a heat gun (not a hair dryer) and build up the temperature per mjrnet’s instructions.

    If it’s turning off, I’d say you probably have a short (solder is bridging points somewhere).

    Try adding some flux and reheat to clean up and remove any bridge solders. Because the AEDR is clear you might be able to see with a zoomed in phone photo if there’s any dodgy solders.

    The solder paste is a bit tricky because it crumbles and hard to put on. I actually added a fair amount (but didn’t over do it). When it’s heated to the right temperature and the solder is shiny silver in appearance, the AEDR self aligns to the correct position automatically.

    Failing all of this, see if there’s a phone repair tech or electrician/hobbyist (maker forums) local to your area and have them do it.

    Hope some of this helps.

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    KrakenByte (LEGACY)

    Hello zimbakin,

    Thank you for your experienced tips.

    I was following the totally greatest hit of all times impressive ‘Pinscape v2 Build Guide‘ like my holy bible and like the master mjr answered me in VPForums, now I can confirm that it was a short circuit between 5V and ground derivated from a bad welding: I inspected it with a cell phone camera (macro style) and verify with a multimeter measuring resistance between the ground and 5V, ground and 3.3V, and finaly betwen 5V and 3.3V. All them was wrong! So sad…

    I’m only an aprentice in the arts of paste soldering but I’ll not surrender.

    Now I’m training my soldering capabilities welding and welding again and again before to do a third try when the new parts I ordered arrives in a few days. I hope to do it right this time.

    Thanks again to you and all the people from this awesome forum.

    Regards! (and be prepared to release the Kraken!)

    KrakenByte Kraken

    KrakenByte (LEGACY)

    I did it! :yahoo:

    After the third try, it was a sucessfull!

    This time I tried to minimize the issues and then:

    • Because I didn’t sure how was the moisture of the chip, I was baking the AEDR-8300 for 48 hours at 60 °C (140 °F).
    • I used a little bit less of soldering paste than the last two tries and removed a bit excess of melting soldering metal with a wire.

    Now it works! It’s alive! It’s amazing! :good:

    Everybody: Thankyou very much! :heart:

    KrakenByte Kraken

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