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    Running the 1.2.6 version of the Designer linked above, I was working on a B2S file for a 3-screen backglass which has LED frames on the DMD screen. As soon as I added that, it wasn’t possible to generate the directb2s file, the Designer was hanging (not responding).

    Using the 1.2 version of the Designer, I had no problem with generating the file from the same exact project.


    Ok, but if you were attempting to use custom display images rather than default then you might need the alternate version of the Designer. Granted, the project I used it for was just for two screen support:

    It’s been a few years. As far as I remember, in the official version of Designer if you were to import custom digits you are allowed to import digits 0 to 9 but there is no remaining slot for a blank/unlit digit. The alternate version corrects for that.

    The built-in LED in the Designer is fine, but this came to mind again because I think that B2S authors can do something that looks better, like freezy’s alphanumeric renderer. The problem with dmdext is that users can’t scale to fit precisely into the score display space within B2S projects. Especially, when those backglasses themselves are scaled to fit a 16:9 aspect ratio monitor on user’s cabinets. What an author can do is capture images from the alphanumeric renderer and import into B2S Designer. Depending on project needs, the author may need that blank in addition to digits 0 to 9. This is most suitable for the early solid state tables that basically just displayed numbers, prior to the mid-80s.

    More info here:


Viewing 2 posts - 21 through 22 (of 22 total)
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