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    If memory serves, Indy 500 was built in vpx 10.4, in following the 10.5 beta thread at the time, I think there were some ramp changes that were done in 10.5 that affected ramps of some tables built in earlier versions that required a table update by the author to fix. I think examples of this were the getaway and jurassic park tables that were updated to their current versions to fix this issue (again if I’m remembering right). Don’t know if this is the cause of this ramp issue, but thought I would put it out there in case someone wants to research it.

    You are correct that there was an issue with ramps.  While it may be related, this seems to be a completely different behavior than what happening on those other tables you mentioned.  I those cases, the ramp walls became collidable where they weren’t previously.  In this case, the ramp wall is not collidable the way it should be.  It’s really kinda weird.

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    @bord : implemented your new ramps. Don’t know how many games it takes before the problem should arise. Been a while since I played it last so idk. With your ramps though. I had no problems, so I guess they stay :good:

    Thank you !


    @bord Who you kindly tell me how i can import this into the table. i tried looking but had no luck.

    Thanks bord


    This is an old video from Fren that shows how to convert FP to VP. In the process he creates and imports an obj file.

    That is basically what you need to do, and to make sure that those values bord provided is set for the primitive’ properties. Dark wrote some words about it in the wiki too.

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Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)

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