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    Borgdog collected and standardized this collection of primitive kickarms featuring a Bally arm, a Gottlieb one, and the plastic tip one from the default table. These are all sized, rotated and origined together so they are easily substituted with each other. All scale in at 100,100,100; put Z at about -30 (adjust to taste); use ObjRotZ to orient facing how you want in the table, then RotX with positive numbers to animate with the script below.

    Sub RightSlingShot_Slingshot PlaySoundAtVol SoundFXDOF(”right_slingshot”,105,DOFPulse,DOFContactors), slingR, 1 DOF 106,DOFPulse addscore 10 RSling.Visible = 0 RSling1.Visible = 1 slingR.rotx = 20 RStep = 1 RightSlingShot.TimerEnabled = 1 End Sub

    Sub RightSlingShot_Timer Select Case RStep Case 3:RSLing1.Visible = 0:RSLing2.Visible = 1:slingR.rotx = 10 Case 4: slingR.rotx = 0:RSLing2.Visible = 0:RSLing.Visible = 1:RightSlingShot.TimerEnabled = 0 End Select RStep = RStep + 1 End Sub

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    metal bracket art :good:

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    Update: @borgdog standardized the Bally kickarm with his Gottlieb and the standard plastic one so that they all scale and function the same way and are interchangeable in a script. See download for more details.

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    Nice preview pic! :good:

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