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    if the right middle plastic looks weird to you,  you are not alone

    but that clear end is their on the original table

    I ncluded an extra image texture without the clear part

    go to layer 4 select the primitive and change it.


    Back Wall LEDs

    the backwall LEDs are turned on by a generic 3 digit matrix and only turn off when the GI lights turn off.

    the pattern will more then likely not match the real machine.  I have no idea how the real machine works.  They are not mapped to a rom ID given that PINMAME does not generate any other Light IDs then what its on the service manual.


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    So a good game just got even better! <3 thanx!


    on a side note

    this table was pulled out of my abandoned but playable tables  (see my sig)

    anyone can make a table begging post ,  the only way tables get built is by finding resources.

    Someone (who asked not be mentioned) took the time to redraw the plastics

    a few hours later this table was built.


    I removed one table from my folder and added another

    and before anyone posts,  the Future Pinball resources are not going to be used.

    they are custom images, the apron decals don’t look anything like the real one.


    moral of the story want a table find HQ resources or make them.

    see a table you like help me find the resources so that I can finish it


    Thanks 32. And great explanation about the resources! Excellent!

    thanks to the mysterious redraw person too👍🏻

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    Thank You for sharing..

     Ben Logan2 

    Highly underrated and super fun table. Thanks!


    Thank you 32a for the gameshow. Your ID4 looks brilliant.


    One of my favorite VP9 tables. Thank you so much 32 for this release. You’ve made my crappy Sunday much better! Appreciate it my friend 🙂 👍


    moral of the story want a table find HQ resources or make them.



    Having a problem – won’t load for me and errors out: missing ROM gs_lu4 – which I don’t understand as it should be looking for gs_l4.  Help please?


    It’s letting you know what you need Because gs_l4  is not in VPinMAME setup



    Thank you very much 32a and the mystery guy ! :rose:


    Thanks 32A  Looks Great! You want resources.?  I own a Guns N Roses Machine. if you are interested I’ll supply all the parts you need to update that table. just tell me what to do. Thanks . :rose:

    Here comes the  BackLash  3 2 1


    Just played it and love it! Such good work! <3 as @ben logan 2 said…   sooo underrated table!


    These are the kinda tables I enjoy great job and thank you  :good:


    Regarding the missing ROM problem, I had the same issue when messing around with the VP9 table recently and posted about it here:

    32assassin was kind enough to share what he did in rebuilding the rom from scratch.



    Thank you for this nice table.

    For me it is impossible to master the left loop (for e.g. for extra ball).

     Scotty VH 

    This was one of the very first tables I ever got running in VP9, and got me hooked on VP.  Great to see it get such great VPX treatment and clean resources.  Thanks 32A.


    if your having trouble with the pin2dmd not hiding use f1 and make sure use external dmd is not checked.


    the three $ lights above don’t seem to work after the ball launches it’s really hard to see the $ on the table itself through the ramp which $ you have active.


    Thanks for the table 32A!

    Interesting, the chasers in the back are run by something called the “sound overlay lamp assembly board”.

    The name suggests it’s something that shares the sound board bus.   It probably means to support it correctly we’d need to add some support in vpinmame for that board.  Or maybe it could be done by hooking into the sound command interface (Controller.NewSoundCommands like in Sopranos).

    *edit* apparently Whirlwind uses a similar “sound overlay board” to add solenoids.    The NewSoundCommand option in vpm should work for this.     It will receive command numbers that are probably larger than 224 when it’s trying to control the chasers.    Probably can watch videos to see what vlaues correspond to what action.  I’ll see if I can work it out.

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