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    BAM just continues to get new updates for Future Pinball.


    The latest updates are (including beta updates):

    • rgb lighting control via script commands for all lights and flashers
    • size and position of lights via script commands
    • complete control over brightness and glow for all lights, bulbs and flashers via script commands
    • ball and flipper shadows for all tables automatically
    • texture swapping for any surface or playfield via script commands
    • control over all aspects of the DMD colours via script commands
    • activex com object plug-in (thanks to Nailbuster and Ravarcade)…this is HUGE! This allows for Pinup Player, VPinMAME, and possibly direct SSF support directly in FP via script commands (same as VPX)

    …and loads more… Ravarcade has been on a roll…but these latest updates are total game changers for Future Pinball!


    Some video examples of new rendered lighting, RGB inserts, Bump Mapping, and shadow maps:


    I was testing / playing with some brand new BAM features (controlling brightness / glow of each light and flasher)… and here is how I got Master of the Universe (Future Pinball) to look now (using Shadow Maps, hardware GI lighting, new brightened insert lights,etc) compared to before. This could still look much better (not all lights are updates, plastics not changed)…and also some textures could be redrawn and made into Bump maps. The first 3 pics are with new lighting and BAM…the last picture is using just original Future Pinball and no BAM updates.


    Masters of the Universe - Mastered Edition (p2.5) (DOFLinx MX PUP TGA)

    Masters of the Universe - Mastered Edition (p2.5) (DOFLinx MX PUP TGA)2

    Masters of the Universe - Mastered Edition (p2.5) (DOFLinx MX PUP TGA)5

    Future Pinball…no BAM updates

    Masters of the Universe - Mastered Edition (p2.5) (DOFLinx MX PUP TGA)3


    I have posted my version of Masters of the Universe with the new BAM lighting here:



    DJlunchbox recorded a video of his table playing the new Monster Bash that has color DMDs on his pinball cabinet.  There is a link to the video and you can also download the table here:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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