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    Got me a Kinect 2, and ordered the adapter for it to work in future pinball (Headtracking)  and Win 10.
    After some weeks of shipping, and some tweaks and light setting in the room i got Calibration success!

    But what now? 

    Running the latest bam + software for Kinect 2, SDK 2.0, and updated working drivers.

    Issue #1 I have the Kinect 2 up on my backglass, but if i move it up a bit to be able to see/track my head the calibration don´t succeed at all since the “checkerboard” are showing the UPPER field of the table.

    Issue #2 When i have the correct light setting in the room and the Kinect 2 placed like this, i get CALIBRATION success, as it should be.
    But the table doesn´t track either hands or head, table not moving as it should do at all.

    What did i forget about here?

    If someone has some experience regarding this, please share ;)


    I tried to setup one on top of the back glass and it was so so. You need to get it as close to the playfield as possible. Preferably under the dmd. The main reason is when you play your eyes are looking at the playfield with your head tilted forward. The kinect has a hard time seeing your eyes at that point. So I gave up on it. I didn’t want to redo my backbox to leave room for the camera. Maybe in the future, if I redo my backbox, I will try it again.

    Good Luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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