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    This is my version of the new hd graphics film mod of Baywatch for Vp9 with video pup pack.

    I started drawing this vp9 table long before the vpx table was published. I wanted to share it the same once finished after the found publication of the vpx version. However, it remains a very different table graphically. Although it is not vpx it is very beautiful to look at and I hope you like it too.

    Here my trailer:


    Pup pack video + file Visual Pinball/music:


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    Very nice work, thank you!

    Major Frenchy

    Thank you for this Pack Djchiccomix.  Is it possible to re-upload the files, it is missing the 3 .PUP files.

    And the Mega link is exactly the same content as the download here; just to save you some time, don’t have to download both.


    you don’t need the 3 pup files. launch the game and you will see that the videos go as I created the scripts in the table itself.


    In mega, inside the Visual Pinball folder, find the Music folder.
    Inside you will find the audio file to put inside the same destination on your PC.



    Always great to have people giving back but what is the reason for using the vp9 table.  If you would have reached out to the VPX author he probably wouldn’t mind a mod but I fear you will not get a lot of feedback from a VP9 table.  I may only have 5-6 VP9 tables left and I barely play those.  A PUP for the VPX table would be great though


    Thanks for this. Yes I agree, I would say you would get a very large take up if you made the PUP pack accessible on any table rather than just this one.


    Thank you djchiccomix for your hard work on this table and your recent The Last Starfighter!!!

    The following adjustments are for single screen users.  Here’s my setup if you had issues like I did:


    I had to create and edit the pup files as follows:


    Some of the above edits are probably not necessary but I’m too tired to go back and check each item ;p

    Here’s some details to my PinUpPlayer.ini edit so the Topper is at the correct aspect ratio.  Note that I shrink the videos (since I don’t have a lot of harddrive space) so my screen width and height conveniently match the updated Topper movie’s width and height.  I also moved it down (ScreenYPos) since it was getting on top of my existing coloredDMD (I have a VP9 version of this table from another author).

    BTW, I got the coloredDMD from VPUniverse’s colored Roms section.


    Here’s the details to my excessive pupinit.bat file.  Again, much of it is probably unnecessary, but I’m too lazy to go back and edit lines out to see what is perfect.

    start “” pupwinpos.exe “Visual Pinball Player” -2 4 1
    start “” pupwinpos.exe “Form1” -1 5 0
    start “” pupwinpos.exe “PUPSCREEN*” -1 5 1
    start “” pupwinpos.exe “Visual Pinball Player” -2 6 1
    start “” pupwinpos.exe “PUPSCREEN*” -2 7 0
    start “” pupwinpos.exe “Visual Pinball Player” -2 8 1
    start “” pupwinpos.exe “Form1” -1 9 0
    start “” pupwinpos.exe “PUPSCREEN*” -1 9 1
    start “” pupwinpos.exe “Visual Pinball Player” -2 10 1
    start “” pupwinpos.exe “PUPSCREEN*” -2 11 0

    Note that a BackGlass video doesn’t automatically appear at the beginning of this table (like with The Last Starfighter).  Thus, I wait for the Topper to stop flashing on and off, and then I either press ‘1’ or add coins ‘5’.  Once the game starts, you’ll start seeing videos in the upper right.

    Note that I also have a VPX version of this table (from a different author).  The VP9 and VPX now share the ‘baywatch’ folder in my C:\PinUPSystem\PUPVideos>

    The videos won’t link directly to the events in the VPX table but at least with my bat settings, the VPX version has a nice wave animation in the BackGlass area (that just repeats) and I have the spinning Topper as well.

    PS: I also dragged all those extra table parts to the far sides so they wouldn’t show up in my landscape view.


    I started drawing this vp9 table long before the vpx table was published. I wanted to share it the same once finished after the found publication of the vpx version. However, it remains a very different table graphically. Although it is not vpx it is very beautiful to look at and I hope you like it too.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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