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    After a long time I have managed to finish the woodworking for a pinball cabinet hosting a 32″ playfield. I need to decide where to place the Kinect XBOX360. I have searched a lot for the pros and cons of the position of it and watched a lot of videos from ravarcade when he was testing BAM. I have seen some videos of him testing BAM with Kinect XBOX360¬† placed 15 to 20 cm above play-field where the back-glass is. One option is to place it above my DMD in the back-glass which means aprox. 25 to 28 cm above play-field. The other one is to place Kinect XBOX360 below the DMD which is aprox. 12 to 15 cm above play-field. Because I need to do the woodwork for DMD and Kinect once and most of the members here in this forum are more experienced calibrating cameras as Kinect what is your opinion of its position for easier calibration and better response of tracking.

    Thank you in advance.

    PS. Thanks TerryRed for his detailed videos, for BAM and all the other people contributing to pinball emulation and table designs. Without them I wouldn’t manage to get inspired and built my pinball cab.

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