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    This thread might be for builds in progress but didn’t see any other thread suitable for my questions…

    Just starting my build, only got the Williams wide body cabinet plans as for now. Happened to have a 46″ TV available and it fits just right in the wide body, 2mm space on each side. But reading about cab buildings I feel it might be too big, 42″ more appropriate? I don’t want to play pinball with pool balls  :scratch: Do I perhaps need more space around the TV, don’t want to change the wide body too much, then I can’t use a wide body lock bar. Any ideas on alternative to a lock bar? Pricey things…about 300 dollars for a lockbar mechanism and the lockbar itself. But it really needs to be comfortable to play.

    Are the tables, future pinball and/or visual pinball, fixed in width? How about the variation wide/standard pin tables? Or will tables scale up/down?

    What resolution and size is the best for a pin table?


    tables can scale up/down to fit the sizes you need, some people like to have them correctly proportional to the real table and have black bars or things like part of the apron cut off to make it work, others like to have it fill the whole screen.  46″ works very well in a widebody cab and works great for vp.  if you can go 4k on your playfield then great, they look awesome, you just need a pretty good graphics card to drive it, I would recommend at least a GTX1060 for 4k.  if what you have is 1080p then that works great as well, even on a 46″, it’s what my son-in-law has in his cab and i certainly don’t notice it while playing.  the thing to watch out for with tv’s is input lag, if they have a pc mode or game mode be sure to run it in that.

    And welcome to the addiction!

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    Actually not very knowledgeable about 4K, haven’t bought a TV in few years. And never look for the latest, greatest when it’s time. But as the mrs. wanted a larger TV I saw the oppertunity to get started with my build with the current 46″. It’s a 1920x1080p, 60Hz, that will have to do for now. My Geforce GTX 560 feels a bit too old?! If I run other monitors on built-in graphics card, might that work? Only playfield on GTX 560?

    What do you mean by “black bars or things like part of the apron cut off”?

    I might mix things up here… but won’t everything be “too big” running on 1920×1080 on 46″ compared to a 3840 × 2160 on a 4k 46″. I’m thinking old computer days when you went from 800 x 600 to 1024 x 768.

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    You can adjust what is visible on the screen.  The resolution doesn’t change.  Like panning the camera angle around/zoom in/out (which would make the table look smaller on the screen)


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    Your gtx 560 is a bit on the weak side for VP,  it should be able to run a majority of tables, but more graphics intensive tables will cause stutter/lag issues especially if you try to enable 4x AA which is a must to make VP look decent in my opinion.

    I ran a 550ti for years, but I upgraded to a 1060 last year.


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    Your gtx 560 is a bit on the weak side for VP, it should be able to run a majority of tables….

    Yep, I’ve heard that here and there, but I feel it works remarkably well, never had any stutter or lag. Was a bit dissapointed on slow flippers but you kinda adjust quickly, brain rewires somehow. Was planning on upgrading to 1060 but not really sure it’s worth the money yet. GPU and/or memory that’s needed? Is a 3 GB ok? Will 6 GB make a difference?

    Man, stupid questions above, hadn’t really started the program when I asked them, :), wasn’t aware of how things work, lot’s to learn still…

    Getting there…

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