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    Two years ago, I begun to work on Cactus Jack’s, and Bodydump sent me photos from Akiles of this table (I just did the apron and the bottom part of playfield),

    but, as I didn’t have the right software, I stopped working on it, and I’m very surprised to know he had almost finished it !

    As I also begun to work on Spring Break, he sent me what he had done, the upper part of the playfield, and some plastics, so, I’ll try to finish this one

    But it will be long, because I didn’t yet have to redraw this kind of stuff

    I’m gonna try to do that using Inkscape (I don’t have Photoshop)

    Hope I’ll be able to do that !



    Photoshop isn’t the only good editor out there. There are several free alternatives.

    even a free photoshop, not the latest version, obviously,

    Did you know that there is mobile phone app that helps to keep track of site activity ?
    IOS :
    Android :


    Along those lines, don’t forget to check out the poor man’s online Photoshop-like editor Photopea:


    Photoshop free – be careful – this was a mistake by Adobe in the Past, that isn’t for free,
    otherwise – you can Download and use the Key – done B-)

    There was something wrong with the Licence Servers, so Adobe needed a fast Solutions
    for the Customers – what i remember.


    Oye.. I didn’t see like 4 pages.. I clicked the arrow thinking it would take me to the end of the posts.. it did not. lol late and not paying attention.

    Well that’s a bummer, I wanted to see those fancy flailing rubber cacti cavorting around. After getting into VP and seeing all the cool models of Darks is what even got me looking for the table anyway. I love toys and animations and after seeing videos of the real table I hope someday we can try out Jack’s with those little babies jammin out :)

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Viewing 5 posts - 101 through 105 (of 105 total)

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