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    Daniel Jorge

    Hi, I´m a long time Visual Pinball player and have a lot of experience with it. I just bought a new computer, installed windows 10 and installed the Visual Pinball 10.6 All in One. Followed all instructions, disabled anti virus, etc. This is an absolutely vanilla installation, no Beta, no Freezy, no PUP, etc, etc.

    I cannot get my keyboard to work for playing or to assign the keys. 

    Îf I open the Preferences->Configure Keys and try to set a random key, for instance:

    Let`s say I want to configure the “Start Game” key… I click on it with the mouse, then the “????” appears… if I hit “Enter” on my keyboard (or any other key), it will NOT assign the key and the “????” remains.

    BUT the strange thing is that the keyboard IS working, even inside VPX if I try to edit a table script or change a physics param, for instance, it works. I just cannot change assigned keys or play any table.

    Another strange thing is that if I run VPX in compatibility mode for windows XP, which I know it is not the right way to run VPX (I’m just testing), everything, including the keyboard, WORKS just fine.

    The problem is that, If I keep running in compatibility mode, it means that it will be executed as administrator and, when I complete the installation (Freeze, PinUP, etc, etc) then, PinUP will not work. (I Tried many times). If I have a complete installation with everything and run VPX without compatibility mode, PinUP will work just fine, bud then I cannot play because the keyboard will not work.

    Can somebody help me with this?


    I am having the same issue with my install today, the credit buttons work but none of the others do. Not sure what to do next as this is all new to me.


    Hi Guys.

    New Windows 10 installations have one major thing in common which you both seem to suffer with. Updates. Use your “Check windows Updates” and install all the latest stuff. Yes it takes a whiole and yes the feature packs are a pain, currently im on 1903.

    Once your all up to date theres a couple of downloads I highly recommend as a computer engineer, Visual C++ redistributable downloads. Dont stick these in prior to windows updates youll only have to reinstall them afterwards. If you use X64 bit then use both X64 and X86 downloads, itll save you grief in the long run trust me.

    You need to download and install the Visual C++ redistributable files for the following years:-

    2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015-2019 (may have 2020 now too)

    Each download is available in the redistributables search on

    Also check you features update selector for the current and past version of

    Currently 4.8. whatever is the latest just make sure you have the 4.5.1 installed again if not X86 and X64 versions as needed from Microsoft




    Yes I know its a lot, but it will make your systems sweet to run. Keyboard and mouse drivers by default will jump onto Microsofts own generic ones which quite frankly suck, they sucked in 95 they still suck today. Find your Keyboard and Mouse manufacturer on the back of each device and get the official drivers from their site. Personally Keyboard I use a Corsair K50 Raptor, currently in need on a 120 cherry switches to renew it if any kind soul out their is looking for a charity case ;) ;-)   . My mouse is a Logitech Gaming model (something in chinese) basically both keycboard and mouse work legacy and under their own drivers, but are configurable in their own software, NOT IN MICROSOFTS. Get the latest drivers or treat yourself to a nice new set to go with the PC. Nice Gel pack for the wrists is useful too.

    Install the drivers for each and also while your at it, check the Video card type and drivers, same with the sound card.

    I know this is a lot to go through, but itll take your PC weeks, maybe even months to realise this stuff is missing. Installing it yourself will save you time and heartache on all your installations.

    Ok now you have the base framework installed this will make all the latest and oldest stuff you have to use on your PC ablke to at least run (Legacy gets touchy as does 16 bit, message me for fixes)

    In the white bar next to your start type DXDIAG. This little tool will help you to see what version of DirectX is installed and whats happening elsewhere on your system.


    Any issues im available via Message or email, just strap my user name in front of it. DirectX controls the keyboard to logic system. If DirectX doesnt work right then your drivers are just going to get gibberish.

    Silver ball go that way, as eyes went this way, GAME OVER !!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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