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    Not sure how that could happen. Did you exit vp completely and reload the table? Running through vp directly?

    I did not exit vp completely at first but then yes several times. I think it might be a b2scontroller issue. When I ran the other Cirqus Voltaire table I got a b2scontroller script error. So I re-registered the B2SBackglassServerRegisterApp which did the trick as the table ran, but then when I went back into this table the playfield DMD was no longer displaying.


    — update —  Ok, so I removed all the B2S* files from the tables directory. The playfield DMD works again, Yay! Seems like there’s a problem with the B2S backglass somewhere.

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    Did you update the script with the text info included with the backglass?


    Did you update the script with the text info included with the backglass?

    I just re-downloaded the B2S Backglass server and overwrote the old files. All seems to be working again. Thanks guys.


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    Well…Is that the best you’ve got??? :yahoo:

    Fantastic Job! this looks and plays awesome, a big THANKS to the contributers of this beauty.

    During gameplay I did see 2 minor things:

    1st: the 2 yellow flashers have a real strange effect. And there is a kind og yellow rectangle on the pf when it flashes.

    Might be that I’m not on the very very latest Beta (stopped updating when there were severe problems) so might be my setup, will check that later.

    2nd: ball stuck just behind the yellow left-of-ringmaster target. (see screenshot)

    A little cab shaking could loosen it but may-be something for the next update

    Again, thank you for this masterpiece!! :good:

    Brilliant table!  :good:

    Had the same issue with the weird dark rectangle on the playfield when yellow flashers went off. For me at least it was a POV thing. The rectangle seems to come down the playfield as inclination lowers. Inclination at 5 i could see it similar to Jopp, upped it bit by bit and by 10 and it’d gone away.


    I changed the POV with inclinaison to 7 and had the same problem with yellow flasher areas.

    I fixed it by simply setting the f121b, f124b, f125b, f126b RotX values to -6.375 (instead of approx -18 in layer 7).

    Now it’s perfect :good:

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    Not sure if this was asked. This beauty is a true gpu and cpu killer. Just overclocked my 1080 and my 4790K to 4,7GHz and have a smooth ball now. Some multiballs are smooth as well. But when the wizard mode starts, I got massive frame drops. And when I start the party, it is almost to play the table. Are there easy tweaks to get more frames on this table? Oh, forgot, I play this table in VR and I love it.


    Show us your video settings.

     Ian Pretorius 

    is this only cabinet mode? or does it have a desktop version?




    Is there any way to make this default to a single player mode only? I thought that there might be an option in the table script, but I could not see one.

     Ben Logan2 

    Greatest pinball on Earth, Knorr. You’ve done it again! Looks and plays wonderfully. Thanks so much for the incredible gift.

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