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    Wanted to start a thread where people could offer their time/services/abilities in getting some more tables PuP’d.

    If you don’t have any table script/or ROM experience that’s ok…  creating the videos and cut-scenes is a lot of work as well!!!   Even if the table isn’t PuP-ready, having a video-pack can help get the ball rolling (very punny)….

    If you have some extra time(don’t we all ;)  and want to help with video/graphics work.  Please jump right in and let me know….

    Put on your “James Cameron” directors hat and help get some new tables released :)


    Hello everyone,

    Maybe i can help on a future PuP project. How do i sing in… or i just did by placing this message?
    I’am not able to do table design and/or scripting, but i can edit and do VFX and animations (the software i’m using is FCPX, After Effects and Photoshop).



    if you have the ability to create video clips and effects… then you’re 75% there.

    You can easily start a PinUP Player project:

    pick your favourite table and start making video clips based on table events and what you see on the DMD.  (modes, multiballs, attract mode, game start, drain)

    If you start a new thread here like WIP:Tablename,  then I or others can help(or complete) the PuPlayer B2S config/scripting for you…and hopefully join the table project.  If you post some early example of backglass and topper videos then we can give suggestions/advice on Video settings/options.

    Also,  once you see how easy it can be to create your own DMD-PuPCaptures and call videos from them, then I’m sure you’ll be able to ‘fine-tune’ stuff as well.



    Hey guys…..

    I’m about 90% complete with my initial rebuild of an Ultrapin Cabinet. in the process, I am shedding away PinballX and going to PuP System.

    I’m pretty close to being able to help on the collaborate side. I can def do video editing and probably do PuP packs and even scripting once I figure some things out. Also can do some graphics work. Illustrator etc…


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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