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    Hi All,

    Relatively new here but wanted to share my combination Layout & Design Desk, Arcade, and Pinball build.  As of now I only have an model that is representative of the 80% of the finished product.

    I know it is non-traditional but for my needs it will be used 80% as a Layout & Design Desk, 15% as a Pinball Cab and 5% as an Arcade MAME machine.

    Not shown is pinball mode where the (non-monitor side of the) desk will dip down 6.5 degrees to mimic the playfield angle of a pinball machine.  Have most of the items needed to start building. The biggest piece I am waiting for is the “dot matrix display” (DMD) which is currently on a slow boat from China. The DMD is that rectangle below the monitor and should flip up in pinball mode.

    Also not shown are speakers.  It will support SSF and will have four exciters inside the desk.  The “backglass speakers” will just sit on top of the desk on the “backglass” end in pinball mode.  There will be banana posts at both the backglass end and each side of the “playfield display” for when I am using it as a layout desk.

    Besides SSF, it won’t have any toys or LEDs (except all my buttons, joysticks, and trackball are RGB).

    Arcade was a last minute add.  I haven’t designed the control deck yet but it will be removable and not permanently attached/wired to the desk.  It will interface via and ethernet patch panel located under the control deck / tv.  Originally I designed the arcade controls on the pinball apron (inspired by PinKadia) but it ended up being too crowded for my liking (with two eight button layouts and a trackball).

    I have two other house projects in front of this one then will start making sawdust on this project.  Looking forward to the finished product but not really looking forward to actually building it.

    Not sure if there any mechanical engineers here but if there are I’d love to pick your brain.

    Thanks for having me.  I’ll post updates in this thread once the build is underway.

    2020-06-29 22_37_36-Window2020-06-29 22_37_45-Window2020-06-29 22_37_50-Window2020-06-29 22_38_03-Window2020-06-29 22_38_13-Window2020-06-29 22_38_29-Window2020-06-29 22_38_19-Window2020-06-29 22_38_39-Window2020-06-29 22_44_23-Window

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