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    Sub CheckRollovers
    if (TopLightA.state=1) and (TopLightB.state=1) and (TopLightC.state=1) and (TopLightD.state=1) then
    end if

    end sub

    I think if you just add MultiplierBonus to your CheckRollovers sub it should do the trick..  So any time you check the rollovers, it will also check the bonus multiplier.  (But after you added a value to the multiplier)


    As for when to use timer…  for me..  I use them if I’m animating things, or if I want to do something with a delay.  You could use it in your case (checking the bonus multiplier) but then you would have to have it running all the time constantly checking.

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     Onevox (PeteM) 

    Cyberpez, big thanks! Fun to see things working the way I imagined. Now to work on awarding a “soul contract” when each instance of a bank of DTs is dropped.

    I’ve scrapped the idea of subtracting a “soul contract” when the ball enters perdition cause accumulating the soul contracts is tough.  I do need to decide if soul contracts carry forward from one ball to another. I think it will make game play more fun if they do, especially if I create a PupPack one day with the videos of the boss battles playing on the backglass.


     Onevox (PeteM) 

    Three quick questions:

    1. Can a light state and a trigger hit both be conditions for an -if- statement? such as

    If LightA.state=1 and TriggerA_hit then …

    2. On star rollovers, how could I make them so they have to be hit in sequence, lower first, then upper … so that only an upward shot would award points.

    3. How would I make lights flash in sequence like a marquee?  There will be an event that triggers the star lights to flash, and I’d like the smaller white lights between them  to indicate an upward direction. I was wondering if there was a way change each light’s state to 2, then set individual delays for each light via a timer, or  some other way.


     Onevox (PeteM) 

    For the most part, scripting is done and everything works (ovation to Loserman76 for all the help via messaging, and all of you in the thread above.). I’m checking scoring, and need to add some bonus multiplier code still. Then it’s on to  lighting/shadows, SSF, and music/sfx.


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    Stock in your table just went up :)

     Onevox (PeteM) 

    Stock in your table just went up :)

    I saw that and laughed.

    This is nearing the final stages and release.  Thalamus is reviewing SSF, among other things.

    Since the last time:

    Xenonph has added music and announcer clips.

    bord coached me through creating the 3D PF mesh and shadows, so we get great saucer action and better shadows.



    Nice! Must be close if thalamus is adding ssf!

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?

     Onevox (PeteM) 

    Just going through everything and cleaning it up. Thalamus did some work to the SSF and SFX (Thanks!). I still want to add PF mesh holes to rollovers and standups etc. but planning to release without them cause it may be a while before I can get to that.

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    Thanks for this!  Having bunches of fun and just great work!  Y’all know I like a clean machine so here you go for the Color DMD.  I have a V3, so just toss this in your PBX/MEDIA/VPINBALL/REAL COLOR DMD folder and turn off the DMD in GameManager to show it full time.  Made sure it didn’t blast your eyes with brightness.  128/32 res of course.


    Cuphead (Orig 2019)

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