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    This is the first pack from the Decades pack i have worked with for a while with attract media from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s to use for your decade playlists. First up is my favorite decade! The 90´s! It is important to use ALL of the files, DMD, Backglass, Playfield and Topper for the full experience since every file is synchronized with each other.

    This is based on that all the files start at the exact same time so i don´t know yet how this will show on lower-end systems, but please give some feedback if you experience anything bad so i know how to do with the next pack.

    This was an experiment that i wanted to try out, i don´t know if people in general will think this is way to much but if you like this and want all the decade packages in this "style", please press like so i can see how much that prefer this style since it takes a pretty long time to edit all this simultaneously for all the screens.

    Hope you enjoy!


    I’ve never set up decades playlist on my system due to pure laziness (I didn’t want to create all the artwork)… this has changed my mind :)


    Owner: OPeCKiE Productions


    Nice to hear! And it is even easyer with using of SQL in playlist manager , check out , in that way it sorts out all the tables from the year you choose.


    Very nice job Malinas! I like it a lot and will be using it on my cab.

    Now I have to ask. DO you have an 80’s pack? :rose:


    I recently did a decade playlist .. very happy with this

    Would be excited for more future releases.  80’s ,  00’s ,etc



    This is great and it will be the first to use instead of my boring, quick n dirty packs.

    Thank you and hope, there will be more stuff like that :-)


    Big fan of this   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo: I put it in my cabinet and love it. I wish i was able to do stuff like this. Looking forward to any others that you make



    Very Very Cool,  hope you can can design something this good for the other decades. Going to be hard to find the perfect music etc.  thank you soooo much !!!



    @sneakily1 Glad to hear! Don´t forget to use SQL in Popper playlists in that case since you are lazy ;) popper sort every table between 1990 and 1999 out to this playlist.

    Thanks! All the packages is between 50-80% done, but i will fix up 80´s next then since you are such a good person ;) But every decade takes like some weeks to finish up. I never edited 4 movies at the same time so this was a kind of adventure for me but it is very fun.

    Don´t worry i will do all the decades in this style since it seems to be liked.

    , thanks! Yes, there will be!

    Happy to hear that you enjoyed and using it!

    Thanks! Yes every decade will come! For the 80´s that im currently finish up i think i have the perfect background song.

    And guys, IF you have some spare time! PLEASE record first 20 seconds of your cab with this attract pack, i want to see if you get exactly as i get. Cause my worst fear is that the clips are showing up at the wrong time in attract mode since every clip need to be started at like 0.1 seconds at the same time.
    Would appreciate if someone had some time over for that ;)


    Here is a video of it playing on my cab. I have no topper and for some reason I can’t get the DMD file to play. It is not just your DMD file I  have issues with. I have an inquiry in the Popper FB group about the issue, but have not gotten any replies yet. Again thanks, can’t wait for the 80s decade !!!


    Try again, it didn’t like I sent an MP4


    Amazing. Thanks for sharing your creation!!!


    This is great!!!!



    This worked perfectly in my machine that’s running high end everything though in 4K. Thank you for this.


    Simply amazing!!! All of the effort with those videos syncing up like this!!! I was blown away with a smile on my face!! Had to comment and like to say thanx. I will definitely be donating as well. I really appreciate your hard work on this. Look forward to any future releases. I already downloaded and installed your 80’s collection pack as well. Stellar job!!

    Hopefully in your sights is a “70’s” and a “2K” (2000’s)

    Thanx again!!! You are awesome!! :)


    Very nice pack ! Thanks a lot !

    Can’t wait to discover your next decades ! My pincab looks terrible with your pack !

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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