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    Thank you trochjochel for this amazing pack together with the alt sound.

    Only problem is : where to look?   Topper…bakglas….or…the ball???

    Heavy ball-drains after this pack  :yahoo: :yahoo: Thanks!

    My favorite pinball machine?
    Where I can put my name on as Grand Champion....


    @trochjochel : thank you for this cool puppack !  :good:

    And above all, thank you for doing a version compatible with only 2 screens !  :yahoo:

    Very good job, sir !


    Had a look at the videos and the prestart video doesn’t seem to be playing. I also cant find the black screen video anywhere? Might be why its not appearing?


    Other PupPacks working well? Have you set your Bg in PinupPlayerconfigdisplay.bat set to show always on?And dont play the table in freeplaymode.


    Ahhh that’ll be it. I have all my tables set to free play.


    PupPacks i’d love to see in the future:

    -Gremlins (FP)

    -Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness (VPX)

    -SouthPark (VPX)

    – Butters (FX3)

    -TMNT (vides from either the first movie or 1990s cartoon) VPX

    – Resident Evil (VPX)

    – Friday the 13th (VPX)

    – The Simpsons (VPX)

    – Pet Semetery (VPX)

    – Child’s Play (VPX)

    – Fintstones (VPX) – When the newer one is released

    – Independence Day (VP9)

    – Congo (VPX)

    – King Kong (VPX)

    – Dr. Who (VPX)

    –  Family Guy (FX3)

    – Bob’s Burgers (FX3)

    – Deadpool (FX3)

    – Jurassic World (FX3)

    – The Adams Family (VPX)

    – Predator (VPX)

    – Son’s of Anarchy (VPX)

    – Ghostbusters (Slimer) (VPX)

    – Popeye Saves the Earth (VPX)

    – Tales from the Crypt (VPX)

    – Austin Powers (VPX)

    – Basically any star wars table?

    – I dream of Jeanie (VPX)

    – Hook (VPX)

    – Jetsons (Future Pinball)


    thanks trochjochel for the pup-packs but i have the same issue: static immage on backglass. All the other pup-packs works fine ( batman, potc, jaws).

    any idea??




    thanks trochjochel for the pup-packs but i have the same issue: static immage on backglass. All the other pup-packs works fine ( batman, potc, jaws).

    any idea??



    Sorry for the delay. Something in your setup must be wrong. Put Screen 2 Backglass in your Pinupplayerconfigdisplay.bat so it’s always on. Is it a static picture or is the picture animated? and make sure you use Pinup 1.4 or higher. Better use the latest version 1.4.4


    Hi, thanks for all you do first of all, second, I have been trying everything to get the DMD to show. I have the 2 screen with real DMD and no topper files in the pup videos, I have run through all of my pup pack/ player/popper settings, and did your instruction as best I could. I have had people more knowledgeable than myself “on Virtual Pinball Discord” helping me and I still can’t get the DMD to show. Any thoughts on what the issue could be? I know it could be one of many many things but throw a couple at me if you could. I like this table :) My PinDMD 3 works with many many other games and other pup packs so it might be a quick fix with something to do with the table itself. One person helping me said they had table version 1.3.0 and it worked but it’s no longer available. Thanks



    Update; Finally got it working…

    Popper: In Games Manager, for the table you are using, enter -1 In the “Keep Displays ON” field (to not use Popper media on ALL Displays when launching the table)


    I had to remove the -1 “Keep Displays On”



    Merci de votre réponse mais

    où trouve t on le “game manager” svp ?

    pardonnez mon ignorance

    merci par avance

    Lunatech Fringe

    I think I got everything working correctly, but in reference to the initial black screen, is that a static background color of black for the desktop we are talking about?  I figured it wasn’t something that comes from the pack.  I never see that, but everything else works.

    Thanks for the pack!

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